Bucharest RUNNING CLUB – organizer

Bucharest RUNNING CLUB was created with the mission to facilitate individuals, communities and corporations to accomplish their personal goals through an active and freshly sport life style, offering opportunities to positively impact the mankind social network. We would leverage our passion and team spirit, our respect for others and for nature, within a strong and absolute fair play spirit, to achieve that.
We believe within a future world where sports will support each individual to go beyond its physical and emotional limits, beyond any material or financial constrain, contributing to its own and community life’s ideals fulfillment as well.
Since 2007, Bucharest RUNNING CLUB develops, customize and fully implements mass sports events concepts in Romania, fully aligned to the international sports standards.
Our Team is highly committed to accomplish the BRC mission with passion and the belief that anything (and everything) is possible. Each team member has about 20 years of experience in organizing and implementing large events (sports events, congresses, symposiums, trade shows, exhibitions etc).
We would be honored to welcome and host you in Bucharest!

Contact: info@abrc.ro

Volkswagen Bucharest Half Marathon

Bucharest HALF MARATHON came as a natural brother of the Marathon event. The first edition, back in 2012, gathered around 6000 runners, coming from 35 countries. The 2018 edition hosted over 16000 runners, coming from over 65 countries. In only 7 years, the event got to have one of the highest increasing rate (year to year) in Europe.
Certified by the AIMS and fulfilling all the IAAF standards regulations, BHM also hosts the Romanian National Half Marathon Championships. Moreover, the 2019 edition is a IAAF Silver Label candidate.
Taking into consideration its actual dimensions and the awareness achieved, the support offered to social causes and the one received from the over 700 volunteers, we could say that the Bucharest HALF MARATHON is having a similar social and economical impact on the community as the Bucharest MARATHON.
Bucharest HALF MARATHON is scheduled every year during the May’s second weekend.


UNIQA Asigurări Bucharest 10k & Family Run

Bucharest 10K & FAMILY RUN is the newest of the Bucharest road running
events. Although it holds a competitive 10K race, the main focus is on families. This is the only event where kids, parents, grandparents, friends can run (or walk) together, in teams of up to 15 members. Also, the little ones with ages between 6 – 18 months have their own race – Babies’ Race. They would have to “run” 4.2195 meter and they would awarded with a registration for the marathon race to be held when they will be 18 years old 🙂 In fact, this event has the role of educating people on the benefits of spending valuable time doing sports and having a healthy lifestyle.


Raiffeisen Bank Bucharest Marathon 2019

Bucharest MARATHON’s first edition was held in 2008. Started from the Northen part of the city, the track race was more outside, had only one lane dedicated to running, while the car traffic on all other streets lanes remained opened. Although only few hundred runners competed, the event can be considered a success (for those times).
10 years after, the event gathers over 18.000 runners at the start, both adults and kids, in dedicated competitive and non-competitive races, over 2 consecutive days. Now, the runners represent over 65 countries, the competition is AIMS Certified and, starting 2018, the marathon race holds the IAAF Bronze Label. Each edition is held during the October’s second weekend.
Nevertheless, Bucharest MARATHON is the largest mass sports event in Romania and supports over 30 social causes. Thus, the event’s awareness is used create a good social and economical impact on local community.
Also important, the volunteering achieved new dimensions, based on the “Volunteers in Sports” platform created by Bucharest RUNNING CLUB. At first, the platform was related only to the Bucharest MARATHON. It grew every year and now their support comes from over 700 volunteers / event.