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Bucharest Family & 10K

Bucharest Family & 10K is the newest of the Bucharest road running events. Although it holds a competitive 10K race, the main focus is on families. This is the only event where kids, parents, grandparents, friends can run (or walk) together, in teams of up to 10 members. Also, the little ones with ages between 6 – 18 months have their own race – Babies’ Race. They would have to “run” 4.2195 meter and they would awarded with a registration for the marathon race to be held when they will be 18 years old 🙂 In fact, this event has the role of educating people on the benefits of spending valuable time doing sports and having a healthy lifestyle.

Bucharest Family & 10K official move

For more info about the event: http://www.bucharest10km.com

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